2 Year olds

Welcome to our new and fun provision for 2 year olds at Atkinson Road Nursery School.
 The staff in the 2 year class are Karen Smith, Maisie Worsnop and Meenu Tawari.
Our two year olds love being busy, exploring activities and new play opportunities alongside an adult. The children have lots of opportunities to follow their own interests.  There is also an adult led activity on offer daily which the childen are free to access.
Staff focus on developing a positive and warm relationship between the key worker , child and parent or carer. 
Each child has  an "All About Me"journal.  This will show all their key moments enjoyed in the 2 year class. Please ask any of the staff to show you your child's journal at any time.  Don't forget to look at the lovely vibrant photo displays and  children's art work on the walls.  
Staff will write  a simple report called a  2 year Progress Check during your child's time here.  This will be shared with you and a copy sent to your child's Health Visitor.  Please see the download below.
Staff will support your child with their transition into their nursery class with a graduated approach.