School Day



8.00am         Breakfast Club takes place in the ‘House Room’


8.55am         2 Year old children start their day


9.00am         Bring your child into the nursery and take him/her to their Key                            Worker.


9.15            Registration is taken

                   Once your child is happily settled you may leave (or stay as long                        as you wish)


9.30            Your child may choose any area of the nursery -indoors or                                  outdoors- to work in.A member of staff will be organising activities                      there.


10.30         The staff and children come together for Group Milk Time           

10.50         Free choice of activities , indoors and outdoors 

11.30        The staff and children tidy the nursery together and get ready for                        lunch.

                 Group Time for stories, songs, rhymes etc take place at this time.


11.45      Nursery lunch 

12.30     15 hour children gather in the front of the nursery for a                                        story and singing. Children who are staying for the afternoon play                      outdoors or in the hall

12.45      15 hour children can be picked up


1.30       Small Group Time – Teacher directed activities

                     In Small Group Time children of similar abilities or interests may                        work together.  This enables the staff to deliver an extended                              curriculum intended to develop further the skills of those children.

1.50         Forest School and other enrichment activities

2.40      Tidying up time 

2.40       Circle Time for discussion, stories, rhymes and sharing fruit.

2.50      At this time the front door is unlocked to allow access for parents                        collecting their children.