Settling-in to Nursery

Helping your child settle happily in Nursery

Your child will be excited about coming to the nursery, but when he/she arrives they may find some things difficult.

• They may find that mixing with other children is not easy.
• They may have worries about using a different toilet or having to hang up their coat with those of  other children.
• They may find leaving you difficult.
• They may be happy to leave you at first, but then later want you to stay.

What you can do

1. Help your child understand that they will go to the nursery every day. Sometimes children think that the experience ends after one day.

2. Even if you are worried about your child settling happily, try to keep these worries to yourself. Make it clear to your child that you will stay with them for the first day/s and when you leave them it will be for only a short time.

3. If your child is very worried about being left, make sure that you take off your coat to assure them that you are staying.

4. Explain to your child what you will do in the time that you leave them and collect them from nursery.  They will be assured to know that you are shopping for their tea or making their bed.

5. When you feel it is time to leave your child, tell them, tell your teacher and leave straight away.

6. Make the first few separations brief and enjoy the company of others in the hall seating area, or the Community Room.

7. Always collect your child in good time - they will be waiting for you.

8. Be patient. If you stay with your child for some time at first they are less likely to want you to stay later.

What we can do

You and your child will have one key worker (either the teacher or Nursery Nurse) who will be particularly interested in helping your child to settle happily.

This key worker will watch your child closely during the first few weeks. They will check who they play with, what their interests are and see if they have any worries.

Your teacher and nursery nurse will work with your child so that they can get to know them well and find out their strengths and interests.

Please let us know if you have any worries about your child. We want to work closely with you.  Help us to help your child.